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Everybody always asks what made me get into this business choice. The answer: my love for dogs and working with them is a lot better than working with people every day!

"My husband and I have two large dogs. We love using Friendly Paws when we travel because our pets can share a room and they get so much play time. The socialization and exercise is especially great for our younger dog who has boundless energy. We’ve found the staff to be kind, organized and accommodating. Courtnay is an excellent business owner and we confidently recommend Friendly Paws to friends."

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Katie L.

"We have a 6 month old Cavachon puppy. He is a very social puppy and loves being with other dogs. Rather than keep him cooped up in a crate while we are busy with our day, we opted to try puppy day care for our little guy at Friendly Paws. He absolutely loves it. At the end of the day, we have a happy but tired Noah who is ready to call it a night when we are.

Courtnay and her staff are always friendly and helpful. I love that there is a reputable vet office right next door if there is ever an emergency. When we are away, we know Noah is tended to with quality care whether we are away just for the day or an extended vacation.

I highly recommend Friendly Paws, especially for new or social pups!”

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Kristin Tousignant-Davila

“I have a 4 year old chocolate lab named Savannah. She has always been a “rowdy” girl, and every day I would come home from work to a dog that was ready to go when I was ready to stop! All that changed when I found Friendly Paws. Now Savannah goes to doggy daycare on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To say she loves to go is an understatement. She seems to know which days she is supposed to go and gets very excited. When we are about a mile from Friendly Paws, she starts to bark and whine with excitement and I can hardly get her leash on her before she leaps out of the car! When I pick her up, she is very calm in the backseat, we go home, she eats, and then relaxes the rest of the evening. The reason she only goes three days a week is that she has had surgery for two torn ACLs, and if she goes every day, I can tell her legs bother her. Taking her to doggy daycare is the best think I have ever done for my dog.
We have also used the kennel service at Friendly Paws. For me, the most important thing when I leave my dog is to know that the people who are taking care of her genuinely love dogs and that they know my dog. I have also kenneled Savannah at our vet, but I know that she spends a lot of time in a cage there. She gets more outside time at Friendly Paws. It is also important that she get her medication, and I don’t have to worry about that, either.

All in all, I would highly recommend Friendly Paws. Dogs are a great judge of character and Savannah thinks Courtnay is the best!”

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Tammy Lucas

“We always wanted to send our dogs (esp crazy Max) to a doggie daycare, but there weren’t any nearby. We were beyond excited when Friendly Paws! Both Max and Scooter love to come and hang out with their friends all day, and it makes us happy to know that they are playing instead of crated inside all day.
Courtnay knows all of the dogs by name. The staff treats every dog as though they are their own. We know that the dogs are safe and loved all day long.

We send the dogs to daycare 2-3 times per week and have boarded them once for approx 10 days while we were on vacation. Staff is always available if you call. Courtnay was even nice enough to send us a few texted pics while we were gone. It was like sleepaway camp for our dogs! We know they had fun being able to play with their daycare friends everyday.
Thank you guys for all that you do!”

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Amanda and James Prosenjak

“I have a 16 year old Black Lab that needs extra TLC while I’m away on business trips or vacations.
Courtnay had done some home visits for Shadow some years before and when I heard that she had opened Friendly Paws Pet Resort I immediately switched to them to fill that need. Last fall Shadow suffered a stroke and was incapacitated for several weeks. While I was away on business Courtnay and her staff visited my home to care for Shadow and played a big part in nursing her back to her current health. Even though Shadow requires additional care due to her age and health the Friendly Paws staff greet her with open arms every time I need to be away. It is a relief to know she is in such good, trusted hands when I can’t care for her myself. I’ve even received texted photo’s from the staff while on extended trips to let me know that Shadow is doing fine! I recommend Friendly Paws Pet Resort to all my friends and family with animals and everyone agrees it’s a great experience for their pet.”

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Tim Young

“We love everyone at Friendly Paws! We were looking for somewhere close to home, and it was perfect right next to our vet. We take our Boxer/Pointer mix, Gibbs, to daycare 2-3 times a week. He gets so excited every morning when we get in the car, and he is exhausted when pick him back up! Everyone there takes care of the dogs as if they are their own.”

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Liz Speicher

“I was new to the Pittsburgh area (Texas transplant) with two dogs and one cat. I needed some type of “day care” for my 12 year old Lab (Max) and 3 month old Husky/Lab mix (Sookie) as my job sometimes takes me out of town for the day or evening. Friendly Paws Pet Resort was the answer!
With an outside play area as well as an inside play area (for bad weather days) Max and Sookie get a lot of play time in! I pick them up and they are so tired and happy they can barely make it to their beds before falling asleep!

Courtnay and her staff are so good with all the dogs and treat them just like one of their own. When the occasion arises where Max and Sookie need to stay overnight, I don’t worry because I know that they are being given the best care! And I can check on them during the day to find out how things are going!

Finding Friendly Paw Pet Resort was a lifesaver for me!”

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Allyson Foster

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