Spaw Beauty Services

*All dogs visiting for Spaw Beauty Services must be current on Rabies and Distemper vaccinations, Bordetella recommended.

Spaw Beauty Services Waiver If you are a current customer or have filled out our registration form, there is no need to fill out the Spaw Beauty Services Waiver.

Grooming PackagesPrice
Wash N' Go Bath (scrub, rinse and towel dry)$18.00/dog
The Ulti-Mutt Bath (scrub, rinse, ear clean, nail trim/dremel, teeth clean and blow dry)$40.00/dog
Head to Tail Style (scrub, rinse, ear clean, nail trim/dremel, teeth clean, light clean up as requested and blow dry)$60.00/dog
Scruffy to Fluffy (Scrub, rinse, ear clean, nail trim/dremel, teeth clean, eye duct clean, paw pad trim, sanitary trim, clean-up cut (optional) and fluff dry)$85.00/dog
Finishing TouchesPrice
Ear Clean$10.00/dog
Teeth Clean$10.00/dog
Nail Trim/Dremel$10.00/dog
Anal Grand Expression$15.00/dog
Blow Dry$15.00/dog
Customized Name Bandana$15.00/dog
Treatments (Add to any package)Price
De-Shedding Treatment$15.00/dog
Coat Whitening Treatment$15.00/dog
Sensitive Skin Treatment$15.00/dog
De-Matting$15.00/dog per 30 Minutes
Paw Pads/Legs$20.00/dog
Face Clean Up$20.00/dog
All Over Clean Up$35.00/dog per 30 Minutes


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