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At Friendly Paws Pet Resort, we take pride in offering more than just standard pet care – we aim to create exceptional experiences for your furry companions. We believe in making every moment memorable. Let your pet celebrate their birthday with their daycare friends, creating special memories in a fun and social setting. If you’re planning a wedding and want your pup to be part of the celebration, we provide tailored wedding packages for an unforgettable experience. Our Bark Bus service ensures convenient and safe transportation to and from our kennel, making the journey as comfortable as the destination. For those who enjoy hosting playdates, we’re experts at throwing lively dog parties, providing a social haven for your four-legged friends. Beyond conventional pet care, we are dedicated to making lasting memories for both pets and their owners with our additional services. Friendly Paws Pet Resort is committed to ensuring every visit is a special and cherished experience.

additional services

Additional Services Info and Pricing

Bark Bus

At Friendly Paws Pet Resort, we understand that life can get hectic, and getting your pup to daycare or boarding might not always be convenient. That’s why we offer the Bark Bus – a reliable transportation service for your furry friend within a 10-mile radius of our facility. Simply give us a call at 412-489-6587 to reserve your pet’s spot, and our team will handle the rest. Your pup’s journey to Friendly Paws will be comfortable and stress-free, ensuring their stay with us is nothing short of exceptional. Experience the convenience of our Bark Bus and make your pet’s transportation a breeze!

One Way
Within 10 miles
Round Trip
Within 10 miles
Daycare Birthday

Your pup can celebrate their special day with our Daycare Birthday! Our unique peanut butter birthday “cake” will have their tails wagging with joy. Their daycare friends also join in the celebration with their own special treats. We’ll capture the fun moments and make your pup a star with our social media featured post. It’s a celebration filled with joy, tasty treats, and shared with our pet-loving community!

Daycare Birthday
Birthday “cake,” treats for friends, and featured social media post
Wedding Package

Make your big day even more special with our comprehensive wedding package. This offer features a dedicated Dog Handler/Wedding Pet Specialist for the wedding day, ensuring your pup is well taken care of. Our Bark Bus transportation service is included, handling the to-and-from journey to the venue seamlessly, eliminating any transportation concerns. Your pup’s time at the venue is one hour, allowing them to be part of the ceremony or wedding photos. To guarantee your furry friend looks their absolute best, enjoy a 10% discount on any grooming service. Additionally, take advantage of a 15% discount on overnight boarding stays for both the wedding day and honeymoon period. Friends and family can also enjoy a 10% discount on boarding. It’s our way of making sure your four-legged family member is an integral and well-cared-for part of your wedding celebration!

Wedding Package
One hour at venue, dog handler, transportation to and from venue within 15 miles, 15% off boarding, 10% off grooming
Dog Party

Welcome to the premier spot for dog parties! Whether you’re throwing your pup’s birthday bash, celebrating their Gotcha Day, hosting a breed-specific gathering, arranging a holiday party, or just want to have some canine-friendly fun, we’ve got you covered. Our dog parties are all about tail-wagging fun and creating memorable moments for both four-legged friends and their human companions. Join us for a celebration that promises wagging tails all around!

If you’re looking to host your own paw-ty at one of our two locations, please feel free to call us to rent our event space at:

Carnegie: 412-455-5533
Robinson: 412-489-6587

Please note that all parties are held outside in one of our play yards.

Basic Party

Two hour use of play yards, one dog handler, party music, unlimited canine guests
$125.00 ($25 deposit)

Theme Party

Two hour use of play yards, one dog handler, party music, unlimited canine guests, party favors & decorations, digital keepsake of event or guest of honor
$150.00 ($50 deposit)

VIP Party

Two hour use of play yards, one dog handler, party music, unlimited canine guests, party favors & decorations, digital keepsake of event or guest of honor, dog friendly cake, invites/guest coordination, treats & refreshments for human guests
$275.00 ($75 deposit)

Personalized and Exceptional Care

At Friendly Paws Pet Resort, we genuinely care about your pets and strive to offer additional services that go beyond the usual pet care experience. Our goal is to create a unique and enjoyable environment for your furry companions. If you have any questions or want to explore what we can do for your pets, please reach out. A simple call or email is all it takes to learn more about how Friendly Paws can provide personalized and exceptional care for your pets. We’re here to exceed your expectations and ensure your pets feel right at home.

Call us: 412-489-6587
Email us:

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